Located on the route from Portocolom to Porto Christo, Cala Bota is found at the end of a lengthy walk from the road along a well worn path that, strictly speaking, is on private land. It would seem, however, that it is 'custom and practice' for access to be gained to the cove via this path - the only other way to get there is by sea as no road passes that way!

Porto Colom is situated about twenty minutes drive from the resort of Cala d'Or and indeed it is a resort in it’s own right. There are two main parts to the town, Cala Marcel and the Old Town area.

Located on the south eastern side of the island (about 15 mins drive from Cala D’or) S’ Horta (pronounced ‘SORTA’) has its village festival the last week in May. One of the highlights is the fair, which happens on the Sunday of the festival around 23rd of May.

As well as the twice weekly market, Felanitx is also a town of historic interest. The imposing church of San Miguel has it's main entrance at the head of a long flight of white stone steps which take some climbing on a hot day! The building was also the scene of tragedy, when on Palm Sunday 1844, one of the walls of the church collapsed on top of the traditional procession. Out of the 600 people that were buried, 414 were killed and there is a plaque on one of the walls within the church in their memory.

Situated inland from Majorca's East coast, the monastery of San Salvador sits on the top of a mountain overlooking the surrounding countryside. It can be visited by taking the road that runs between Porto Colom and Felanitx.

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