Do I Need a Fishing License in Majorca?

The short answer is, yes. A fishing license is required in Majorca for anyone of 14 years or over. However, any chartered fishing trips will be covered by a 'collective' or 'boat' license (see below), thus you will not need to purchase a license yourself.

Type Of Fishing License

There are 5 types of recreative fishing license available in Majorca:

  • Individual - any individual aged 14 years or over
  • Collective - up to 12 people
  • Submarine - scuba or snorkling, usually with a spear gun
  • Sport - for competition and tournaments, this license is free
  • Boat - maximum of 5 people

The most popular is the 'Individual' license which allows you to sea fish from the shore, so that will be the main focus here.

License Costs and Restrictions

As of 2014 the individual license costs €25.01 for 2 years and allows you to take home up to 5KG of your catch, subject to per species length and, sometimes, weight restriction. You are allowed up to 2 rods and a total of 6 hooks.

There is no fishing allowed in any of the harbours in Majorca or any other Balerica island. In addition you must not fish within 250 meters of professional fishing boats or within 100 meters of other shore users (i.e. sun bathers, swimmers, etc.). You are not allowed to use attraction lights on your rig.

How Do I Get A Majorcan Fishing License?

Licenses can be obtained from the Director General of Fishing (Dirección General de Pesca) at C/ dels Foners, 10 - 07006 Palma. They can also be obtained from Conselleria of Agriculture and Fishing (Conselleria de Agricultura y Pesca) in Campos, Felanitx, Manacor, Inca, Sa Pobla and Soller.

Getting your license in person is actually very quick, but the process may be a little strange to the uninitiated. Fill in the application form (available in English) and hand it in. You will then be given an invoice, which you take to the local bank where you pay the license fee. The bank will give you a receipt, which you then return back to the office where they will issue your license.

You can also order your license online at It can take up to 1 month for the license to be issued this way and you will still need to collect it in person from the office, remembering to take your ID with you.

In order to get a license you will need to provide some form of identification. For Spanish residents this can be your DNI or NIE, for tourists your passport is accepted. Your fishing license will make reference to your DNI, NIE or passport. When you are fishing you must carry both your license and the ID you used to obtain the license. This enables the authorities to cross check your fishing license with the photo ID in order or make sure the license belongs to you (i.e. to prevent multiple people using the same license).

Is it likely that you will be checked for a license? To be honest, the authorites are quite lienient with tourists, but this can not be guarenteed. If you go to a marine reserve you will almost certainly be asked for your license, especially if you go on the wrong day or time of year. In other areas the chance of being asked drops dramatically. In any case, you run the risk of having your fishing tackle taken away from you if you are caught fishing without a license.

Marine Reserves

There are 4 marine reserves around Majorca which are marked by large white post along the coast. You are allowed to fish the reserves in places, at certain times of the year and on specific days of the week. A booklet is given out when you get your license explaining where the marine reserves are located and the restrictions placed on them (currently only available in Catalan / Spanish). Each reserve may also have restrictions regarding the maximum size of hook you can use, the number of lines, etc. There are also articles on covering each marine reserve and restrictions.

Currently no fresh water course fishing is allowed in Majorca. Licenses are only available for sea fishing and each license covers all the Baleric Islands.

Is there a license for just a

Is there a license for just a day or a week for fishing? Because when I'm on vacation I want to go fishing on Mallorca I won't be there for a long time so I only need a weekly license.

can you fish the private

can you fish the private lakes that are owned by the hotel without a licence as I went Bellevue Club in October and nobody ever came and the shops dont ever say anything or the hotel reception or some of the workers, but dont want to get in any trouble

Hi folks. Any 1 help me? Is

Hi folks. Any 1 help me? Is there any fishing tackle shops in Cales de Mallorca, club cala romani??

Its easy to have a license,

Its easy to have a license, but you have to pay.

Yes, you need a license. Even

Yes, you need a license. Even if you are a minor. They are crazy.

Hi Do You need a licence to

Hi Do You need a licence to gather mussels and clams?Is there any restrictions on gathering seafood along the coast of Majorca?

Still did not get a licence

Still did not get a licence posted to me, and I applied on line in August 2013, and paid the fee


[...] here; Do I Need a Fishing License in Majorca? Guide | Fishing | Holidays Majorca Regarding getting caught, people might have got away with it, but I've heard of people being [...]

Can I take the caught fish on

Can I take the caught fish on Ryanair back to the UK? or do I need to eat them all before I leave?

Best to eat them all before

Best to eat them all before you leave ;)

Good info above. I'm curious

Good info above. I'm curious though what the actual season is. I'll be there the beginning of October and I see, for instance, that in Catalonia the season ends on September 15th. Does this hold true for the Balearics as well?

You can fish all year round,

You can fish all year round, but some species have 'allowed' seasons. They are:

Young Amberjack (less than 30cm) prohibited between 1st July - 15th September
Pearly Razorfish prohibited between 1st April - 31st August
Tuna & similar (swordfish, Gar / needle fish, Marlin & Albacore) are recommended to be always be returned alive, as these are endangered in the area.

Also note, that you are not allowed to use light to attract octopus, squid and cuttlefish (although professional fishermen can).

Apart from these general rules, each maritime reserve has its own requlations. We'll be putting up more information about each reserve soon! Hope this helps :)

You need a license for fresh

You need a license for fresh water and sea fishing anywhere in Spain, you should also have insurance.

I have applied on line (in

I have applied on line (in August), paid the fee and now I need to travel to Palma to get the licence?
Thats a 3.5 hour round trip from Alcudia bay area
Reckon this red tape is over the top, now I cant fish as I have no licence?

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